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More than 60 years of textile business

In its 62 years of operations, Europort Ltd. has evolved from a multiproduct company into a professional textile agency. Following are some milestones from Europort’s history:

Europort Ltd. is founded by Ilvessalo family. The product range included animal foods, stationary, products made of leather, and textiles.

Europort is acquired by Johannes Niemenlehto who decides to focus the operations on textiles.

The second generation of Niemenlehto family joins the company. Johannes Niemenlehto retires and his son Markku Niemenlehto takes the lead.

Acquisition of the entire share capital of the textile agency Geronik Ltd.

Textile agency Satex Ltd. becomes part of Europort and the operations of the two companies are merged.

The third generation of Niemenlehto family becomes part of the company when Markku’s son Olli Niemenlehto joins the company.

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